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Highly energetic, truth loving & helping nature makes me closer to hearts of general people. I believe in action for welfare in all situations. Humble touch and a lot of graceful love of people empowers me do more for them. With the blessings of ....Read More

Professional Approach 
  • Graduated with a first class degree from Allahabad University.
  • Awarded by CM Yogi Adityanth and Governor of Uttar Pradesh for social work.

Presentation Skills: Adept at delivering effective and engaging talks and presentations to a broad range of audiences
People Skills: I thrive in situations where I can meet people, have informal conversations and offer my assistance to them.
Excellent memory: Ability to remember intricate details without having to refer to notes. more

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January 22, 2020

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304, Grandeur Apartment, 3rd Floor, Dalibagh, Lucknow - 226001

Contact No.: 9454834777, 0522-4025356

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